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The Secret to Getting Free MLM Leads


The secret to generating free MLM leads is out! Many businesspeople feel apprehensive in going the free way. Fear not! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And what’s a business without a little risk, eh?


Quality MLM leads come through intensive blogging, intriguing videos, and interesting articles. Everyone knows that. But, few know the correct way to go about it. And this is what separates the winners from the losers.




• Pick a relevant keyword (keyword phrase) that is searched more than 500 times. Get its variations. It’s useless to select a keyword that is searched less than 500 times.


• Write an article of 300-500 words focusing on this keyword or keyword phrase. Include its variation in the content. The article must have appropriate keyword density. Keyword stuffed content is tagged as spam while keyword scarce content is no good.


• Create versions of this article and post it to various web directories.


Do this for a couple of months or more and watch the results. You will be stunned to see the number of free MLM leads!


Is MLM Bad?


Home based MLM business is a rage in most parts of the world. In spite of its popularity, there are people who consider multi level marketing “hogwash.” Some companies, to please this part of the population, even deny that they are MLM companies. This is just to sound politically correct and has no effect on the increasing number of home based businesses in Canada, the United States, and around the world.


What you need to do is get associated with a reputed company. People who scorn MLM are probably those who erred in selecting the company and got swindled. One trend is to join an MLM firm on peer request. This has a pitfall. You remain ignorant of the firm’s product line, marketing strategy, management and operation, and compensation model.


Hot Tip


Want to generate free MLM leads in a short time? Contact people who show interest in your home based business opportunity. They are your most promising leads. With them you can get to your potential business associates faster, irrespective of their experience. This will open doors to success in your business.


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